The Wildernesse Estate
Sevenoaks Kent


The Wildernesse Residents’ Association (WRA) was formed in 1996 following a 1995 Lands Tribunal case (familiarly known as the Westwood case) when it appeared that the entire integrity of the original 1925 plan for the Estate – expressed through its Covenants – was under threat. The protection of this outstandingly successful scheme of development remains the WRA’s overriding objective. Many years on from the Westwood case and approaching a century from the creation of the original plan, the WRA’s practical objectives may be restated as follows:

1) The maintenance of low-density development through the ‘one house per plot’ Covenant, the plot pattern having been set out in the 1925 plan.

2) To sustain the overall ambition expressed through several covenants that the built landscape should never dominate the natural landscape. This is expressed through:
• Consideration of house size, appearance and positioning – particularly in relation to its site area and visible surroundings
• The use of natural hedging rather than walls and fences,
• The preservation of laid-down building lines (in conjunction with the private road Trustees who have primary responsibility for their individual roads) with careful attention to the appearance of the roads themselves including entrances and access points.

3) To maintain a high standard of development measured against the simple criterion that such development should sustain or improve the appearance of the existing Estate.

4) To preserve features of historic, environmental or public interest.

The WRA has also come to provide an overall vehicle whereby Residents may consult and be consulted on matters of overall interest to the Estate, kept regularly informed, and where and when necessary - through its Executive Committee - co-ordinate positive action to preserve or enhance those interests.


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